NeurONN Article in ‘Techniques de l’Ingenieur’

 We are thrilled to see published our activities in NeurONN project in the French Magazine "Techniques de l'Ingenieur".  Full paper (in French) can be found here

Poster at Albany Nanotechnology Symposium 2022

Dr. Stefania Carapezzi, Post-Doctoral Researcher at CNRS, presented her work in the framework of H2020 NeurONN at the Albany Nanotechnology Symposium 2022. Her poster showcases TCAD Modeling of temperature-sensing capability of neuron-mimicking oscillator based on vanadium dioxide. [...]

Recent paper by Dr. G. Boschetto featuring on the front cover of ACS Applied Nano Materials

We are thrilled to announce that the recent paper by Dr. Gabriele Boschetto, EU H2020 NeurONN, CNRS, titled "Ab Initio Computer Simulations on Interfacial Properties of Single-Layer MoS2 and Au Contacts for Two-Dimensional Nanodevices" is now featuring on the front [...]

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