How Frequency Injection Locking Can Train Oscillatory Neural Networks to Compute in Phase

Check out our recent article on brain-inspired computing with oscillatory neural networks for solving complex associative problems. This original work exploits the sub-harmonic injection locking method for controlling the oscillatory states of coupled oscillators to facilitate learning and inference. These [...]

CNRS-CSIC/IMSE-A.I.M Publication at Frontiers in Neuroscience

Paper Title: Digital Implementation of Oscillatory Neural Network for Image Recognition Applications Computing paradigm based on von Neuman architectures cannot keep up with the ever-increasing data growth (also called “data deluge gap”). This has resulted in investigating novel [...]

CSIC IMSE Paper Publication at Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering

Paper Title: Hardware Implementation of Differential Oscillatory Neural Networks Using VO2-Based Oscillators and Memristor-Bridge Circuits Oscillatory Neural Networks (ONNs) can be potentially implemented with nano-scale oscillators coupled by resistors and capacitors, emulating traditional neural networks (NNs). However, many [...]

15th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC15)

  Our Post-Doc Dr. Grabriele Boschetto has a paper accepted at the 15th International Conference on Materials Chemistry 2021. His work is entitled “Quantum Mechanical Simulations of 2D Materials for Unconventioal Computing and Biosensing Applications”.      

DRC-79th Device Research Conference

Our PhD student Corentin Delacour has a paper accepted at the 79th Device Research Conference 2021. His work is entitled “Frequency Injection Locking-Controlled Oscillations for Synchronized Operations in VO2 Crossbar Devices”.   DRC [...]

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